Meet our trustees

Meet our trustees

Acknowledgment 0f Paul Silich 

Immediate Past Chair

We wish to acknowledge the leadership and lasting contribution Paul Silich has made to Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Tama, bringing us closer to achieving better outcomes for Ngāti Tama. He helped steer Te Rūnanga through turbulent times, not losing sight of the greater gains for the iwi.

Known for his low key, thoughtful yet determined approach, Paul successfully kept Te Rūnanga focussed on the business in hand. His stand-out contribution was leading Te Rūnanga since 2016, on the journey that saw the iwi-wide major transaction vote, resulting in support for Te Ara o Te Ata: Mt Messenger Bypass agreements. The benefits of these agreements for Ngāti Tama include the return of Ngarautika (120ha property), $7.7 million compensation, iwi employment, training and business opportunities for the project, onsite cultural monitoring and oversight of pest management in perpetuity across 3,650 hectares.

Paul’s mission was to ensure Te Rūnanga does its best by Ngāti Tama. With the agreements in place and Te Ara o Te Ata underway, he has now passed the baton on and stepped down from the board. But that's not the end of Paul's involvement in iwi activities. He's organising Ngāti Tama teams for Taranaki Tū Mai to be held later this year (4-6 November 2022) in Hawera.

He kaupapa kotahi, he ara whakamua
A shared vision is a pathway forward


Conrad O’Carroll - Chair

Conrad leads the charge for protecting Ngāti Tama’s ngahere, the whenua and environment – Te Taiao and champion’s this cause on Te Rūnanga. His enthusiasm to help the Rūnanga to do the best for whanau and iwi, led him to take up the role as a trustee. Making sure members are aware of opportunities as they arise and making the most of them, are important for him.

Frances White, TRoNT Deputy Chair

Frances’ background is in education and management. She stood for the Board because she can see the opportunities our iwi has to exercise its role as kaitiaki. “Our rohe is - in our humble opinion - the most beautiful in the country. We have the ngāhere, moana and awa, and our native manu are slowly returning. We’re so lucky this is our turangawaewae. But our mokopuna will experience a world that’ll be unfamiliar to my generation. They’ll have to cope with rising sea levels, weather extremes, and basic things like access to clean water, food security and safe housing. Our job is to prepare them for these challenges.”

Amos White

Joining Te Rūnanga was a step into the unknown for Amos and he's learned a lot in his role as a trustee. This experience contrasts with his background as an engineer at Fonterra, over many years. Amos started his career as a fitter and turner. He trained at the former Taranaki Polytechnic doing day and night classes over three years and carrying out 9,000 work hours to complete his apprenticeship. Running in parallel is work on his 200 head of cattle farm, which he’s
maintained for years. 

Amos joined the board to ensure the resources we have as a whanau and as an iwi, are being developed and used to advance beneficiaries and whanau. He is keen to see Ngāti Tama uri gainfully employed and doing well in their lives.

Patricia O’Carroll

The board has made headway over recent years and Patricia (Lungi) O’Carroll has been a valued contributor. She’s proudly Ngāti Tama and legendary for her sports’ interests – coaching and engaging with our taiohi. She took some time out in 2021 for health reasons but made a remarkable recovery and is back on board.

With Ngāti Tama in a better place, she looks forward to being more hands-on with Ngāti Tama uri on different kaupapa and helping Uncle Paul with this year’s Taranaki Tu Mai.

Andrew Matuku

Te Rūnanga has co-opted Andrew Matuku to join the board. Andrew has a background in business with solid experience in balancing team performance along with meeting customer and business objectives. He holds a management position, where he manages around 30 staff, with SSA New Zealand at Port Taranaki. Creativity and seeing situations from different perspectives, comes naturally to Andrew. He draws on his aptitude for detail and being thorough, to inform his decision making. 

Reconnecting with whanau and tikanga as well as a desire to offer a helping hand, are key drivers that have attracted Andrew to the board.
Te Rūnanga is actively involved in projects and activities that impact our rohe.
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