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Bypass Agreements


Mt Messenger Bypass Agreement Summary (reference: mmbas)

Also refer to the Mt Messenger Bypass Information Brochure (reference: mmbinfo) for more details about the Agreements.

  1. The Property Agreement (with the Crown) – land exchange, purchase and lease
    • NZTA would buy approximately 20 hectares of Ngāti Tama land at the agreed market valuation for the road.
    • In exchange, Ngāti Tama would receive a property on Gilbert Rd, approximately 120 hectares of coastal land at Pukearuhe, which has significant wāhi tapu, pa sites and wai tapu. Poutama Whiria, the adze of Tokomaru Waka, was hidden and re-discovered in this area. It has regenerating bush that backs onto a huge conservation area. With this land, we no longer require permission from other landowners to access our ngāhere.
    • NZTA would also lease approximately 16 hectares from Ngāti Tama during the construction phase of the Bypass – returning it once construction is finished, and the land has been restored. NZTA will plant and restore vegetation on the leased areas to preserve our land’s conservation values.
  1. The Cultural Mitigation Agreement (with NZTA) – to recognise Ngāti Tama’s cultural connection with the area being used for the Mt Messenger Bypass, we have Te Manawaroa o Ngāti Tama Charitable Trust  ready to be established to which a cultural compensation payment of 7.7 million dollars will be paid into if the vote on the Special Resolution is successful. Jamie Tuuta, Iwi leader and governance expert is leading the establishment of this Trust.
    • Opportunities for our people to be employed and participate in pest management and planting – key aspects of the Project’s environmental programme (noting that the Project’s 3650-hectare pest management area includes approximately 1580 hectares of Ngāti Tama’s land).
    • Opportunities for our people to receive training and participate in work and business opportunities provided by the Project.
    • Cultural input and a kaitiaki role in the Project’s design and implementation. Ngāti Tama people would also provide on-site cultural monitoring of works associated with the Project. Resourcing will be provided to Ngāti Tama to participate in these activities.

View the Proposed Trust Deed for Te Manawaroa o Ngati Tama Charitable Trust.
Kei a tātou te tino rangatiratanga o tātou wenua o tātou kainga me o tātou taonga katoa. We have a responsibility to accept this offer because it is a real opportunity for us to help to protect lives and livelihoods AND to save our native forest, birds and animals mō o tātou mokopuna me ngā reanga kei te heke mai – our future generations. This is why we are urging our members to carefully consider this and to vote YES for the Bypass.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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